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Prepare for an audition

Frame of mind and time budgeting are key to playing a great audition.  Get inside information about the decision making process of an audition committee.  Learn how to make a top-rate first impression.  Select repertoire that will meet or exceed the common expectations and advance your own motivation.  

Refine technique

A technique is only as good as the player using it.  Percussion instruments demand diverse mental and physical approaches as well as stylistic maturity.  I can teach you how to “keep calm and get a grip”!  All percussion instruments -- all objects -- work under the same principle: when they are struck they make a sound.  The key is knowing how, where, and with what to strike that object.  You will achieve speed, accuracy, and strength when you practice efficient motion and minimize of effort.   

Expand skills

Take your expertise to a higher level.  Explore new developments in the depth and scholarship of percussion pedagogy.  Gain access to experiences, artists, educators, authors, and composers you have not previously considered.          

Start a new hobby

Percussion is a natural activity.  We all strike things in our everyday lives, which are filled with rhythm.  Blow off some steam, learn to relax, and break the stress of the day learning to play percussion.  Consider and learn the historical traditions of drumming from all over the world!


Studio Lessons

30 minutes - $35

45 minutes - $50

60 minutes - $70

Home Lessons

30 minutes - $45

45 minutes - $65

60 minutes - $80

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